10 Ways to Write Better & Faster [INFOGRAPHIC]

Going off the infographic I made the other day, I thought I’d give it another go using a topic I’ve written on several times in the past. Please enjoy and (if you’re an astute reader of mine) feel free to leave any feedback on these infographics. I’m not much of an artist, though I do have fundamental design capabilities when pressed to show off.

In the future, I hope to do a series of these on building WordPress blogs, editing, self-publishing, and so on.

Writer Infographic

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I'm Illinois born, Indiana educated, and writing for a living in Missouri.

1 Comment on 10 Ways to Write Better & Faster [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. Great tips! I like the layout, some of these types of things can get very cluttered or don’t flow well, this is great though:)

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